Hi I’m Gerard. I’m a middle aged guy born with a love for nature and the outdoors. I have lived and worked in some amazingly beautiful places and can truly say my work as an environmentalist and conservationist is my passion.

I have a sixteen year old son who is just amazing and means everything to De Beer & me snowme. He’s not a typical teenager, he is tall, beautiful, mature and intelligent and I’m very proud of him.

I am a bit of a health nut because my environmental consulting work requires that I’m fit and healthy. I also plan to hike around nature until forever, with him when possible.

Until disaster strikes

Alas we don’t stay young forever I guess, so when I started experiencing stomach pain, fatigue, brain fog, depression and bloating it really derailed me. I thought, “this just isn’t me” you know? I need to keep going for a long time to come! I want to enjoy life to the full with my son beside me!

So tests revealed that I had decreased numbers of good micro organisms in my gut and increased numbers of bad ones and have developed intolerance to a range of food types. This condition is called Dysbiosis. And I used to brag that I could eat anything that stands still long enough!

I went on a whole journey of treatments which included mainstream western medical treatment (which has its place), alternative medicines and a lot of research and speaking to other people who suffered from similar health problems.

What I learned was that much of what ails us starts in the gut, specifically with the trillions of micro organisms living there. I’m talking about a wide range of diseases, including anxiety and depression! It turns out there’s an ecosystem living inside of us that needs to be as balanced and healthy as the ones I’ve spend my life protecting in the outdoors.

What I also learned was that nature has been providing the answers for being healthy for thousands of years, but so many people just don’t realize it!

Nature provides the answers

Man and natureI’m not saying western medicine doesn’t work, it does! But it often targets the offending pathogens only, disregarding the conditions that caused an imbalance in the first place. It tends to treat diseases not people. Antibiotics are seen as a cure-all, but can actually be the cause of the imbalances in your gut microbiome.

Balancing your gut microbiome can assist greatly in giving you your health back by increasing the good bacteria if they become reduced for any reason. The good bacteria fight the bad ones as well as overgrowth of fungi, re-establishing the balance. This can restore the proper functioning of your immune system and put you on the path of addressing food intolerance.

It can be achieved by foregoing foods you are intolerant for for a while, eating healthy fresh food, getting exercise and taking supplements (prebiotics, probiotics and enzymes) until you get better.

These are not medicines, they are live beneficial organisms. Let nature do its work!


In this website I will provide some information about gut health in humans, including what it is, how it works, how it may relate to your general health or specific diseases you may suffer from, and how it may be remedied.

Some fantastic NATURAL products have been developed and are constantly being researched that can normalize the gut environment in people suffering from a range of physical and mental illnesses.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out, or point you in the right direction.

All the best,

Gerard Pretorius

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